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Proven, superior protection in harsh environments

Get unmatched corrosion protection on aluminum, steel and stainless-steel load cells, with unmatched cost-effectiveness. When load cells are used in harsh environments, nothing protects like EDOC (Electrodeposited Organic Coating). Unlike paint or epoxy, EDOC cannot be removed or easily scratched. Now enhanced with multi-layer protection, EDOC is the highest-performance, most cost-effective choice for protecting any load cell.
5 EDOC products
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Better protection

EDOC on stainless steel – Better corrosion resistance than stainless steel alone 

EDOC on steel or aluminum: Significantly improved anti-corrosion, more resistant than stainless steel

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More cost-effective

EDOC on steel or aluminum:
more resilient than stainless steel, at a lower cost

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Proven for 15 year

Already used in 500,000+ machines with top performance

No corrosion after 1000-hour salt fog test (by external lab)

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Total peace of mind

From the market leader in high-quality load cells and transducer solutions

VPG load cell product warranty also covers the EDOC coating

Zero defects in 15 years!

Any VPG load cell, any harsh application

EDOC is suited to a wide variety of weighing products and specialist applications in almost any environment involving highly corrosive substances, heavy wash-down, extreme dust, or electrolytic phenomena.
It is proven in varied applications, including:

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Silo weighing, tractors, other agricultural equipment

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Chemical scales, other industrial equipment
Animal scales, other livestock farming system
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Fishing boat scales, other marine application
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Telescope handlers, aerial working platforms, other port and construction machine

EDOC takes corrosion protection where it’s never gone before:

  • Now available for standard weighing products
  • Protects aluminum load cells from electrolytic phenomena
  • Enables low-capacity, single-point weighing in harsh environments

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